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Find Your Purpose, Pave Your Path

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What Motivates You?

Let’s imagine we are on a 5,000ft cliff staring at another cliff that is taller, and about 500 feet away. There is a bridge connecting the two cliffs, with rotting boards and no hand rail for safety.  Atop the taller cliff is a suitcase with $1,000,000 inside.

Would you take the risk to cross the bridge if you were rewarded with the money?

Now think about this same scenario, however, instead of the $1,000,000 someone you love is on the taller cliff screaming for help. Would that change your level of motivation to overcome the danger and fear of crossing the bridge?

Those of you shaking your head yes right now, why? What elicited this change in motivation?  People with aggressive amounts of motivation are often viewed as mythological creatures that were given the power of motivation at birth. Often, individuals who are more motivated become the envy of the “less motivated,” the people who spend their lives dreading Mondays and counting the hours until the weekend. In actuality, research leads many to believe motivation has far less to do with genetics, or response to motivational speakers/videos/etc. and far more to do with your ability to tie your values and sense of purpose to action.

The following tips are meant to assist if you struggle with motivation. Here, I am trying to help you tie in your deepest beliefs to the actions you wish to perform, thereby creating consistent action in all aspects of your life. Think about the cliff scenario, taking action associated with our deepest values (family members vs money) and beliefs often happens instinctively. Sure, a suitcase full of cash may cause  you consider the possibilities before making a decision, but a loved one in peril almost immediately prompts action.

Make a list of your top five deepest values. 

These are considered the intangibles in your life. Without such values, you would not be who you are. It’s important to take time to identify your values and modify them as you journey though life.

Think about your decision-making process. What consistently impacts these decisions? If you are unsure, then open the discussion to your loved ones and friends. Candid conversations with others close to you can provide deeper insight as to what values and beliefs you consistently demonstrate.

  • To really dig deep and yourself, you must suspend judgement during this process. Research suggests that our sense of autonomy with our actions is essential in creating continued motivation. When you become aware of the values and beliefs that drive your willingness to act, you can utilize these as powerful forces to help  you take action consistently.
  • Consider any current task you are struggling to take action with– How is this task linked to your belief system?
  • Record your thoughts and insights. Writing your thoughts will often enable you to link behavior with motivation for said behavior.

What is Your Purpose?

Our existence has been studied since the beginning of time. Our existence is complex, and may drive some away from contemplating their own existence. Adults especially, can find themselves walking the fine line of insanity (repeating the same action over and over, looking for a different outcome) each weekday while waiting on Friday so the routine changes a bit. Avoid this behavior at all costs! 

I understand, life is challenging, sometimes confusing, and even an uphill battle at times. To no discredit for those experiencing “hard times,” research shows those who understand they have a purpose are more inclined to take action and perform more consistently, at a higher level, and are more fluid when dealing with setbacks.

  • Your Purpose is Your WHY – for the actions you perform. Establishing your purpose uncovers your intended direction for where you would like your values and beliefs to take you.

Establishing a sense of purpose is a dynamic, continuously changing, work in progress. So, how do we nail down our purpose? Great question, let’s explore.

Who are you, and who would you like to become?

  • Think of the answer to this as you are a business and you’re establishing your mission statement. This statement should outline the business objectives, incorporating the core values and actions the business will take to see their mission completed. How many of you have a mission in your life? What is that mission? This may seem trivial, however, action is rarely taken without a purpose/mission to complete.
  • What do you want to be remembered for doing? Being a great parent? Winning the World Series? Singing on stage in front of thousands of fans? Educating our youth? During your final days, what is the one thing that you NEED to be remembered for doing? What do you want others to say about you after leaving this world? Our social impact can play a large role in motivation. After all, humans are social creatures! If you are struggling with your purpose, think about your legacy and how you would want others to define your life. 

Of course we should always consider our desired action and weigh that against possible outcomes. How are your actions related to your values, beliefs, and your general purpose in life? These slightly deeper questions will fuel the motivation fire, and it is good to reevaluate our mission in life as life-events occur. Do you work to simply provide for your family, or do you work to make a change in the world, help others, because you enjoy what you do for a living? Answering these questions can bring clarity to your purpose, add more meaning to your life, and initiate action more often. 

When you are able to grasp your purpose, you then increase your willingness to take action. You will become the highly motivated individual that welcomes Monday, and takes action toward your purpose more often. 

I want to share ways you can get in-depth training, advice, and begin making your health a priority. 

Again, I want to sincerely thank you for taking the time to read my post. Don’t forget to tell friends and family about me! Share if you’d like and comment below to get a conversation started.  I wish you the best, and I hope to hear from you soon!

Coach Slice


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