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What Is Health Coaching, Who Is It For?

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What Is Health Coaching?
Who is Coaching For?

I have created a robust online Health Coaching Program. My curriculum focuses on three pillars – Nutrition, Coaching, and Lifestyle – combined to create an integrative approach to help you transform your health holistically and build a successful, fulfilling career. My signature approach to coaching includes live coaching sessions to ensure your success, and will teach you how to confidently find balance and reach your goals.

What is a Health Coach?

A Health Coach is a wellness professional whose main goal is to guide clients to reach their health and wellness goals, whether that’s sleeping better, boosting energy, weight loss, stress management, and so much more. Health Coaches create a safe space for their clients to explore their health, facilitating behavior and lifestyle change that can be sustained for the long-term.

Using nutrition and coaching education, Health Coaches lead their clients to discover which foods and lifestyle choices will help them feel the best. Most importantly, Health Coaches take a holistic approach to health, not just focusing on food, but also all the other areas of life that can support and nourish your overall health, such as career, spirituality, relationships, and environment.

Health Coaches can work with clients one-on-one or in group settings, or alongside other healthcare professionals such as medical doctors, chiropractors, therapists, and nurses. Health Coaches play a pivotal role in the greater healthcare team, filling the void that is often left by doctors who don’t necessarily have time to provide nutrition and coaching guidance.

What is the format of the Health Coaching Program?

The program consists of course modules that are released on a weekly basis in my 1-year program, 2 modules per week in my 6-month program, or 3 modules per week in my 3-month program. Although modules open at a regular cadence, you will be able to go through the content on your own schedule – you don’t need to be online at certain times to be able to complete your program.

All learning content is hosted in my online Learning Center, where you’ll access video lectures, PDF materials, quizzes, assignments, and exams. You’ll have a private Facebook group that you will be able to join upon enrollment where you can interact with other Coach Slice clients about the curriculum, your progress, and program updates.

How is a Health Coach different from a Registered Dietitian (RD)?

A Health Coach is trained to help clients reach their health goals. They receive training from a qualified program that teaches necessary coaching skills, as well as foundational nutrition information in order to best serve their clients and their health concerns.

  • Health Coaches do not diagnose, nor do they treat.
  • Health Coaches can be part of a larger healthcare team in which they are one part of a client’s health journey, providing a safe space for the client to explore their options on how to improve their own health.

A Registered Dietitian (RD) is a food and nutrition expert who have:

  1. completed a minimum of a bachelor’s degree with an accredited institution
  2. completed a 6-12 month supervised practice program
  3. passed a national exam and
  4. kept up with continuing education requirements, as needed.
  • RD’s are licensed to provide dietary recommendations for their clients based on the client’s medical and individual needs.

Positive psychology is a cornerstone of coaching

Whereas traditional psychology has focused on what is “wrong” with people and what needs to be “fixed,” my coaching philosophy focuses on what has, can, and will work better for you.

This means that instead of rooting around for problems to dwell on, I will work with you to harness your strengths, in order to improve the health behaviors you want to address.

The Truth Of It All

Unlike ALL health fads that come and go, health coaching has strong evidence behind it backing its effectiveness for improving health and well-being. Becoming a health coach has been deeply rewarding to me, because it is rare in life that you get to promote happiness, build amazing relationships, and help people live longer and more fulfilling lives all at once.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. If you found this helpful and would like to work with me, I take on three new clients per month at the moment. Feel free to reach out and we can determine if my style is right for you. 


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Thank you so much for your time.

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